Cowboy Bob

Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Friend, Cancer Fighter, Musician, Poet

Happy Trails Cowboy, We Will Always Hold You Dear In Our Hearts

Memorial Tribute Video

This video played at Cowboy Bob's Services.  Please feel free to share this video and Bob's music above.  Both are free to download.  

Celebration of a Life Well Lived

MONDAY OCT 29, 2018 AT 3:00PM

You are invited to join the Coker Family at Cancer Treatment Centers of America to celebrate Cowboy Bob's life.  

CTCA has generously arranged this event. 

14200 Celebrate Life Way Goodyear, AZ 85338

With Loving Memories

Entered Life

April 2, 1937

St. Louis, Missouri

Entered Eternal Life

September 10, 2018

Phoenix, Arizona

Cowboy Bob's Life

About Cowboy Bob

Bob lived in Phoenix since he was 8 years old.  He loved everything about the desert southwest and was a true Cowboy.  He was able to charm anyone with his easy laugh, his warm grin, his trademark white straw cowboy hat and his ability to listen, like you were the only one in the world.

Cowboy Bob's 80th Birthday

Bob's Family

Bob has been blessed with 6 wonderful children, 3 boys and 3 girls (Jody, Rhonda, Tim, Steve, Pat & Pam) - often known as The Phoenix Brady Bunch plus 10 Grandchildren and 8 Great Grandchildren. All of his kids have traits, characteristics, mannerisms, talents, good humor and a zest for life just like Bob. If all he did in his life was raise these amazing children, that would have been a life well spent.  But as you may know, he accomplished so much more.....

Bob's Passions

God, family, friends, music, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, his '56 T-Bird, poetry & telling a great story.  These are but a few of Dad's many passions.  In many respects he was a true Renaissance Man, his musical & inventive talents, knowledge that ranged from science to spirituality and his compassion for his fellow man were endless.  The way Pop lived his life inspires me every day to be a better man.    

Orginal Poetry by Cowboy Bob

A Special Day at CTCA

Well hello folks, I'll tell you, this is such a Special Day, I have a word or two to share, and then be on my way.

I came here just five years ago; I didn't have a clue, my hope was quickly fading and I thought my days were too.

In just a few short days it seemed, my world was turned around, with options and compassion, I was back on solid ground.

I had a team around me, that gave me their best shot, and let me tell you something friend, their best was what I got.

They helped me through each treatment, and a surgery or two, I've been blessed so many times, by outstanding things they do.

They're always on the leading edge, the way that it should be, extending hope and special care, to folks like you and me.

I'm so thankful for the privilege, I've been granted every day, to help encourage patients, as they journey on their way.

If I can be of any help, or perhaps just have a chat, I'll be there in just a heartbeat, in my old straw cowboy hat.

-- Cowboy Bob 2015

The Canyon

Gaze across the canyon that's been sculptured by god’s hand,
With infinite most detail down to every grain of sand.
A view with such magnificence that takes your breath away,
With colors ever changing every moment every day.

Listen to an echo bouncing off the canyon wall,
What a place of beauty summer winter spring 0r fall. 

See the Colorado snake across the canyon floor,
A journey of authority like none you’ve seen before.

Watch the shadows vary as the clouds drift overhead,
As sunbeams inch their way along the layered cliffs of red.
Share appreciation with the one who made it so,
You’ll never find another likeness anywhere you go

No camera lens or canvas can reveal a scene so great,
Perhaps a glimpse of heaven one might near associate.
With depth that's overwhelming and formations standing bold,
It truly is majestic and a vision to behold.

The canyon’s treasured beauty has withstood the test of time,
Maintained by nature’s balance with such elegance sublime.
Once you’ve had the pleasure to observe it's precious view,
Your life will be rewarded with a gift of peace so true.

Words can’t do it justice and I don’t think ever will,
Experience is the teacher at that moment time stands still.
I hope someday to see again that place I love so much,
For it makes me ever mindful of the great creators touch. 

-- Cowboy Bob  9/10/96

Yearning For My Home

I have seen the Rocky Mountains and the Colorado snow 

Yet I yearn for Arizona where saguaro cactus grow. 

Where the beauty of the desert will refreshen with the rain 

And the fragrance like a perfume in your memory will remain. 

See an Arizona sunrise and you never will forget --

What a landscape God created, nothing’s ever matched it yet

And the sunsets not to mention have a greatness all their own 

As the heavens blend with colors, in such harmonies of tone.

Watch tall palms gently swaying in the warmth of summer breeze

0r smell the citrus blossoms of the orange and grapefruit trees. 

See the blessings of a harvest from her irrigated land

It's as though the earth has given birth and man a helping hand

Wander down a desert trail see nature at her best

A healthy hatch of newborn quail a wren upon her nest

No words describe the tenderness unfolded to the eye 

In graceful flight a morning dove goes swiftly flying by.

On down the path as daylight fades the lonely coyotes wail

And dust disturbed by footprints slowly settles on the trail.

And for a moment just reflect what nature has to share

The peaceful thoughts from deep within can be a silent prayer. 

I have taken many journeys and amazing sights I've seen 

Some downright spectacular and others in between. 

Many places have their beauty and I don't mean to compare 

But I yearn for Arizona for my home and heart are there. 

-- Cowboy Bob  2/26/03

Memorial Donations

Cowboy Bob was provided love, support and excellent medical care from Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

The H.O.P.E. Team is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which exists to support patients at CTCA® Phoenix.  They strive to provide Help, Optimism, Peace and Encouragement for cancer patients and their families. Through the H.O.P.E. Team, community  members are an integral component of the care team that has made CTCA synonymous with quality and compassion. For information on volunteering or donating, email the team at

In Memory of Cowboy Bob

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